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On this page I will provide links to other useful web sites. is a free, not - for - profit, volunteer site, BY SENIORS, FOR SENIORS.

The site was begun in November 2005. By April 2007 we are only completing the foundation. But already you have created hundreds of pages, chock full of over 4,999 links, tips, and other resources to help our generation cope with the inevitable challenges that come in retirement.

Noah's Senior Ark


Windows Vista Help, Tutorial and Tricks was created for users that are beginners or intermediate, but if you have been using Windows Vista since its early versions and became an expert, we may have some interesting things for you too!

Are Free Downloads as Good as For-Pay Apps?

You can download free software—office-productivity suites, photo-editing apps, and just about anything else you can think of—that claims to deliver the same tools as those found in paid versions.



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BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS (click on picture below)


Save time with floor plans! This is cool!

Buying a new home, rearranging your room, or moving into a new office? You can save time and have more fun if you lay out your ideas ahead of time.

Floorplanner is FREE for personal use

Daves Computer Tips

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At Deezer, you can listen to any song for free. I know what you’re thinking. Deezer must be illegal, right? Wrong. Deezer has worked out a deal to let you listen to the music legally. You can download the music to your computer or music player. Click on the picture below.