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How to keep your computer cleaned up on a regular basis.

This information is provided for the beginning computer user to become more familiar with the operations of the computer and make use of the utilities provided with Windows.

The areas we will describe include:

  • Recycle Bin

  • Cookies

  • Temporary Internet files

  • Cache

  • Scandisk

  • Defrag

  • Creating the desktop folder to put shortcuts to these items

  • First, we will describe each area, what it is, why and how it should be cleaned and where to find it.

    Second, we will describe in detail how to create a folder on the desktop to provide quick access to these areas and act as a reminder to do these cleanups on a regular basis.

    Preliminary: You should understand a little about files, folders and file management using My Computer or Windows Explorer. If you are unfamiliar with these areas, check out the instructional sections dealing with these subjects.

    CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system

    Download CCleaner now

    Restore Your Computer's Performance with Windows XP

    Windows XP includes tools to clean your computer and restore its performance. This article from Microsoft covers Backup, Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, Add or Remove Programs, and the System Configuration tool.

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