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News from our classmates.

Sugarbush, Vermont


To my classmates : Regards from Vermont, where the temperature at the top of my mountain hit a high yesterday, March 6,of 27* below zero.

As for snow, this past weekend my son and son-in-law skied off my roof.

This dislodged some of the snow, so now I can look out my windows without standing on the coffee table. Who says Spring is around the corner

Regards to all.

Renee Devon Epstein.

There is a proposed Sayre Junior High reunion. If you are interested in attending send an email to:Phyllis Granoff Robinson, probinson@dvrpc.org

I wouldn't ordinarily send a Birthday Party invitation to so many bodies, but since I'll be lucky if one of you comes from such a long distance, here goes.

Since I'm still alive and kicking (and expect to be next month), my wife is throwing a party for my 70th B'day on April 21. I seem to get one party per decade, so it's now or (my eightieth?) -- better come to this one. Susan has started preparing, including the hiring of a Klezmer band, so it ought to be fun.

If any of you are interested, let me know via email.

Marty Scolnick

Marty just proposed a Chat Room. What a concept!I will look into it.



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